The models you love and adore deserve Miricam.

Did you know?
Most live-cam websites make obscene profits by retaining as much as 70% of what you pay to chat with an tip the models you love, paying the model only 30% of the total sale.

Even worse, since each model is a sub-contractor of those websites, nothing the model generates such as pictures, video and data is ever owned by that model. Worst of all, the hard work she or he spends bringing customers to her site becomes lost to those mega-sites too.

Miricam is completely different. Miricam lets cam-models chat with their members and fans directly from their own websites. No need to send you away to some corporate mega-site, and no need for the model to be lost in a sea of other models and forced to compete for attention.

screenshot of miricam chat software for solo models

Best of all, while some funds pay for servers, processing and support, models who use Miricam receive 77.9% of all purchases, private chat and tips made to them! Don't your favourite cam-models deserve this too?

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